About Us

The Society for Spiritual Awakening (SSA) is a Philippine non-stock, non-profit corporation registered in 2012.

Jesus Christ declared in John 15:5, “Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty; for cut off from me you can do nothing.” We, the Society for Spiritual Awakening, embrace these words of inspiration in our drive to promote the goals of our organization.


Through the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Society for Spiritual Awakening hopes to be an instrument of God’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22) We aspire to become conduits for these gifts of the Holy Spirit to share our knowledge and understanding of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Society for Spiritual Awakening is committed to:

  1. Encourage everyone to become aware of their untapped God given talents and initiate the positive transformation of individuals, families, and communities.
  2. Establish a sustainable learning center for spiritual enrichment and advancement of knowledge on human development and esoteric studies.
  3. Raise funds to establish a center and to support the existing programs and services of the Society.
  4. Share Christ-centered meditation and other practices that uplift the multi-dimensional man.
  5. Present opportunities to pursue higher spiritual development and service.

Core Beliefs

The Society for Spiritual Awakening is characterized by the following beliefs:


God designed man for the primary purpose of worshipping and loving Him. Motivation dictates the success or failure of any endeavor. We aspire to achieve a peaceful and harmonious life.  To achieve this, we must first root our motivation to pursue God’s love and mercy through Jesus Christ, who is the only source of long lasting peace and harmony.

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The complete and unconditional surrender to Jesus Christ is the primary step to ultimately acquire God’s mercy and grace.

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All gifts are God given, whether material or spiritual gifts. We believe that exhausting one’s concentration and appreciation to the Giver and never the gifts is the greatest blessing of all and anything less than this is a consequence of human vanity.

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Jesus said, “God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24).   There are three kinds of prayer.  The lowest kind of prayer is to tell God what is in our minds and instruct him how to help us after which we end the prayer with an amen. The second is to tell God what is in our minds and thank Him for being there for us and end with an amen. We believe that the third and highest kind of prayer is the practice of meditation, where one surrenders the self to a time of physical, emotional and mental stillness and allows God to do all the talking, after all He knows exactly what to do with us.

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Esotericism and exotericism are the main influencing factors on how we view and live our lives. Exotericism relies on pure logic whereas esotericism relies on pure intuition. We aspire to achieve balance in our lives by applying a complementing approach of exotericism and esotericism.

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Our Team

Our Members

Quezon City
Florita Andolong
Mimi Noble
Christy Santos
Nora Tolentino
Evangeline Magno
Christy Santoso
Muntinlupa City
Eva Sumcio
Louann Sumcio
Jarold Rayala
Bilit Xerex-Burgos Rosal
Maxine C. Yap
Marikina City
Mark Joseph Panganiban
Denise Estevez
Roxas City
Agnes Villarruz
Bonifacio Global City
Patricia Anne Macapuno, Project Manager

Manila City
Ava Alfonso Juson
Cainta, Rizal
Elvira Nubla
Hanz Bryan Lualhati
Corazon Nubla
Pasig City
Reynaldo Cometa III
Suzette Lualhati
Makati City
Joe Blanch
Paranaque City
Mark Jjay Gabriel
Chris Pinga
Brian Maestro
Emil Anaque
Kaye Caballas

Flora Bonifacio
Preline Bonifacio
Michelle Bonifacio
Lorraine Ong
Anthony Tatad
New York
Francis Pacheco
Christina Poggiali
Bertha Lina-Arimas
Sarah Victoria Andolong

Andria Hooper
Cristina Nakamura
Reina Nakamura
Maria Amalia Balanon
Randy Abing






Email: info@societyforspiritualawakening.org
Mobile: (+63) 917 315 0949
Phone: (+632) 8252 6204
Address: 3rd Floor Cargohaus, Brgy. Vitalez, NAIA Complex, Paranaque City, 1700 Philippines