Spiritual Sessions

SSA currently has 2 active weekly spiritual sessions.  Activities during these sessions include prayer and meditation, in-depth esoteric Scripture study, lessons on inner charisma and healing, and consultations for spiritual, mental and emotional guidance.


Membership in the organization is purely voluntary. There are no entry requirements other than the sincere intention and desire for

self-enhancement through learning and submitting to the discipline of prayer and meditation.  Newcomers become member-aspirants after voluntary commitment to a God-centered regimen of study and training for service.


If you are interested in attending a spiritual session, please email info@societyforspiritualawakening.org.






Email: info@societyforspiritualawakening.org
Phone: +632 879 4512
Fax: +632 879 4459
Address: 3rd Floor Cargohaus, Brgy. Vitalez, NAIA Complex, Paranaque City, 1700 Philippines